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CASKA - K331

Head Unit dengan model yang Elegan tanpa merubah system kedudukan di Mobil CR-V Anda yang design dan features yang sangat membantu dan mendukung Anda di Segala Aktifitas Entertainment di Mobil Kesayangan Anda. Kami berikan harga terbaik, buruan sebelum kehabisan..!!!

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Features :

  • Model : CASKA K331- DVD 2DIN for Honda CR-V
  • iPod interface ready
  • Bluetooth with A2DP
  • Steering control smart match, intelligent steering control learning
  • Build-in 24 FM/Am preset , RDS (Optional)
  • TPMS, tire pressuse Monitoring system (Optional)
  • ODB , on- board Diagnostic System , to show your car's actual situation (Optional)
  • Orginal factory wiring harness and connector
  • Graphical User interface
  • Innovative flash Interface
  • EQ Mode display
  • USB port, Dual zone , SD card
  • Screen save
  • Play music and video while NAVI
  • PAL/NTSC/SECAM, perfect compatibility
  • Optional: NAVI/CDC/TV BOX/Rearview sensor/camera/Handbrake control

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